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TEFL information at teflchat.com

Welcome to teflchat.com. You are probably here because you've recently completed a TEFL/TESOL course, either onsite with TEFL International or TITC, or online with ITTT.

This site should be able to provide you with some of the information you may need now that you've finished your TEFL training course. You may be looking for a job in one of the many areas that has TEFL opportunities; you might simply be looking for job advice or more information about individual countries, or you may already be working, and looking for lesson ideas or lesson plans.

There's a forum-style message board here for past graduates, where you can discuss your experiences with each other and offer advice.

Some of you may even be here to see your group photograph!

Whatever you need, we hope there's something here for you.

Feel free to contact the centre you attended or your online tutor if there's anything further that you need, or if you have any suggestions for additions or amendments to this resource site.

Good luck in your TEFL career!


TEFL International